Personal Pedagogical Framework

Here is a digital artefact that outlines how my views of contemporary learning theory and my Personal Pedagogical Framework align.

This is one of the most constructive assessment pieces that I have engaged in throughout my pre-service journey. Everyone is so different in how their views of learning have shaped them to be who they are today. The most discerning fact for me is to be told by my mentor teacher that I am too creative, and then to read the literature surrounding importance of critical and creative thinking is just as important as literacy (Sir Ken Robinson) if not more. Its a mental battle to uphold my eclectic contemporary views on how students learn only to have them shot down my those who are a little less adaptive to change and difference. Are those teachers who resist change and difference in their own practice less likely to model that to their students.

Thank you for viewing my presentation.

Jennifer Walsh ~ Personal Pedagogical Framework

EDP3333 ~ Curriculum and Pedagogy 3 ~ Assignment 2

Google Books – closing the gap for online learning

I must share Google Books with everyone as was recomended to me by Miss K Lobegieger. Google Books is a specialised search function of google where you can enter any search topic and a number of online resources pop up. My EDC3100 Assignment is due in less than 24 hours and the USQ library online database and catalogue has been down for over four days now. Google Books may just get me out of a giant black hole that was consuming me on my search for supporting evidence.

Exploring ICT using 3D pop up books for Literacy

A tutorial activity for my ICT course asked me to explore examples and insights around the  use of ICTs and pedagogy. Working through 150 examples of Decoding in Learning I discovered a digital storytelling application called ZooBurst that allows students to create 3D pop up books. I can see how this would integrate into a Literacy classroom and am keen to give it a try. It is also available as a free app from the itunes app store.

Google Apps for education

Our school has been chosen to test a new product to education called a chrome book. Each year seven student will receive a chrome book to enhance their learning in the classroom. The device doesn’t run Windows or Microsoft programs but works on a secure Google Apps platform. All information is stored in an iCloud type application accessible from any device with access to internet. When you open the lid it automatically turns on and opens Google chrome. Really looking forward to learning more about Google apps.



Welcome to my “One Step Ahead” blog. Technology has come so far since I completed high school over 20 years ago. ICT in the classroom is here and as future educators we need to be at the forefront of its development and implementation. I am very excited to be learning about ICT and Pedagogy this semester. Procrastinating on my computer now has beneficial outcomes that I am very happy about.  I am looking forward to using my blog to begin my PLN (Personal Learning Network) and to network with other like minded people. Lets take one step ahead together…

Happy blogging!