Head Down Tail Up – Assignment 1

I never thought that I would delve so deep into an assignment and use so many tools embedded in the one artifact. I have begun by selecting a reusable prezi template and then began modifying to suit my assignment plan and context. So far I’ve used and embedded iPhoto on my macbook to video an introduction, Powerpoint diagrams converted to pictures to illustrate educational goals, Goanimate to illustrate supporting evidence and youtube as a vehicle for uploading video. Its exhausting just listing them out and I’m not yet finished. I wonder what other tools I can come up with to add diversity and interest to my presentation.

Child Protection Laws and Creative Commons

Today I learned the value of creative commons. Whilst preparing visuals for Assignment 1 I have been using the creative commons search function. Then it dawned on me that there is a photo of my prac class using their chromebooks for 1:1 learning with ICT on the school facebook page. Remembering that during week 3 we discussed copyright laws and issues associated with each I sought written permission from the principal as a courtesy. One would automatically assume that anything posted on facebook is fair game and for public use. However this is not the case.

All schools have their own media policies and parents/guardians complete and sign forms allowing their children to me photographed and mentioned in a number of media genre including facebook. However, at my prac school parents have agreed for photos to be placed onto the schools facebook page for viewing but not sharing rights. This means that anyone may view the photos on facebook and must not share them or copy for own purposes without the permission of all parents of children concerned.

In short sharing photos from a schools facebook page will violate Australian Child Protection Laws. This is something of a very serious nature. Something which I do not wish to get tangled up in whilst a pre-service teacher.