Effective Use of Scootle – Learning Paths

Previously I have used Scootle as a great resource for finding resources and ideas to use in lesson plans an unit plans. Usually has been used as a stand alone resource. Whilst on prac I learned how to integrate this resource further and use it as a tool for students to access.

There is a function in Scootle that allows us to create learning paths. Learning paths are exclusive paths of selected resources that students can access via a password. I used these as fast finisher activities for when students have finished their work early or as a calm down activity when students have returned from a specialists lesson or just returned from break all hyped up.

Here is a learning path that I created for my year 7 maths class. The password to access this exclusive learning path is CRGSLG.¬†Our topic was decimals; adding, subtracting, multiplying. The students loved it. As I saw and observed on prac students need planned ICT experiences. It’s a disaster waiting to happen for a teacher to give students instructions such as choose a cool maths game.


Click on the Scootle picture then enter this password CRGSLG

ICT stimulating creativity

I had nearly convinced myself that ICT was stereotyped destroying the brains of our children. I’m so glad that I saw this news article about a year 7 student from America that used ICT in her science fair project. How awesome to send a toy into Earths outer atmosphere using ICT’s such as; GoPro camera’s to visually record the journey, electronic temperature devices to record change in temperature, GPS for location tracking and Youtube to share the experience globally. My views of how to use ICT effectively in the classroom just took a sharp turn in a positive direction. The inquiry that will lead from this project for students and educators is enormous and exciting.