To NAPLAN or not?

Many of my peers have made the dreaded decision to defer the start date of EDC3100 prac until NAPLAN testing has finished. For me, I have decided to dive in and start on the scheduled day. Yes, my year seven class will be NAPLAN testing for one to two sessions per day and are unlikely to carry on with explicit teaching however, at some point in my beginner teaching days I am likely to have to supervise a NAPLAN testing period. I’ve decided use this time to get to know and analyse student names and their virtual school bags. When it comes to ICT in the classroom, I am confident using computers, internet, cameras, ipads however, my prac class doesn’t have any interactive smart boards and I have never seen one used let alone plan to use one in my ICT rich lessons;  So I intend on asking my mentor teacher if there are any lower grades that wouldn’t mind a prac student observing their lessons that involve the use of ICT’s such as interactive smart boards.

The flip side of teaching ICT

The following cartoon was posted in my course materials for this week. Naturally I went into reflection mode. Working as a teacher aide whist studying has its benefits, one of them being consistently in a class environment week in and week out. One of the problems that I have come across with regard to the integration of TK into CK and PK is the reliability of software and hardware. As a pre-service teacher one advantage that I would like to receive from my studies in preparation for my own class is to have the knowledge to diagnose server issues and software issues with ICT. Knowing my thirst for knowledge this is something that I may pursue outside of the classroom. Seeing how many students are disadvantaged by broken down ICT and waiting up to a week for an ICT expert to come and diagnose a simple server connection error, it would be good to be able to fix it myself.


Conflicting thoughts about unit planning

Its hard to reflect on this however, I have come across the first item in this course (EDC3100) that is causing me some pedagogical discomfort. I am finding the Unit planner template hard and confusing to use. Although seeing the situation from another perspective it is good to experience a different way to backward plan a unit of work. It just confirms my preferred pedagogical planning tools. I’ve also found that all is well and good to investigate ICT rich tools for integration into curriculum as an isolated learning activity, but planning for an entire unit (as small as this one is) is far more challenging than I ever thought.

I am looking forward to prac in a few weeks time however focusing on ICTs will be an enormous challenge for me, although I can only do my best with the resources that are available to me and my students.

ICT stimulating creativity

I had nearly convinced myself that ICT was stereotyped destroying the brains of our children. I’m so glad that I saw this news article about a year 7 student from America that used ICT in her science fair project. How awesome to send a toy into Earths outer atmosphere using ICT’s such as; GoPro camera’s to visually record the journey, electronic temperature devices to record change in temperature, GPS for location tracking and Youtube to share the experience globally. My views of how to use ICT effectively in the classroom just took a sharp turn in a positive direction. The inquiry that will lead from this project for students and educators is enormous and exciting.