Personal Pedagogical Framework

Here is a digital artefact that outlines how my views of contemporary learning theory and my Personal Pedagogical Framework align.

This is one of the most constructive assessment pieces that I have engaged in throughout my pre-service journey. Everyone is so different in how their views of learning have shaped them to be who they are today. The most discerning fact for me is to be told by my mentor teacher that I am too creative, and then to read the literature surrounding importance of critical and creative thinking is just as important as literacy (Sir Ken Robinson) if not more. Its a mental battle to uphold my eclectic contemporary views on how students learn only to have them shot down my those who are a little less adaptive to change and difference. Are those teachers who resist change and difference in their own practice less likely to model that to their students.

Thank you for viewing my presentation.

Jennifer Walsh ~ Personal Pedagogical Framework

EDP3333 ~ Curriculum and Pedagogy 3 ~ Assignment 2

Scootle & TPACK – ICT in everyday learning

Whilst researching for supporting evidence for assignment work I stumbled across a resource in Scootle for teachers. Called ‘A toolkit for teachers’ it draws on the TPACK framework for teachers illustrating professional knowledge for teaching and learning in a 21st century classroom. Used as a professional learning tool it is divided into TPACK sections of:

  • Pedagogy – here the primary KLA’s are divided among student years and recommends the best framework to teaching curriculum in each KLA.
  • Content – added to the pedagogy is the Australian Curriculum content descriptors that fit each pedagogy framework. The examples are of complete units and teacher plans to guide and assist planning. There are also links to scootle digital resources based on curriculum content descriptors also.
  • Technology – outlines a toolkit of resources ‘software, hardware and web2.0 based apps.’ divided amongst each best use. For example under audio tools is audacity, garage band and podcast.

Here is a video produced by Scootle that explains the Tookit for teachers resource in more detail.

I have definitely bookmarked this for future investigation.