Personal Pedagogical Framework

Here is a digital artefact that outlines how my views of contemporary learning theory and my Personal Pedagogical Framework align.

This is one of the most constructive assessment pieces that I have engaged in throughout my pre-service journey. Everyone is so different in how their views of learning have shaped them to be who they are today. The most discerning fact for me is to be told by my mentor teacher that I am too creative, and then to read the literature surrounding importance of critical and creative thinking is just as important as literacy (Sir Ken Robinson) if not more. Its a mental battle to uphold my eclectic contemporary views on how students learn only to have them shot down my those who are a little less adaptive to change and difference. Are those teachers who resist change and difference in their own practice less likely to model that to their students.

Thank you for viewing my presentation.

Jennifer Walsh ~ Personal Pedagogical Framework

EDP3333 ~ Curriculum and Pedagogy 3 ~ Assignment 2

ICTs for Integration not Isolation

Here is an online artefact that I have produced outlining my reasons why integrating ICTs into students learning is a good idea.

Wow! are the only words I have at the moment to express a lot of emotion at the completion of my biggest challenge to date.  When I count up all the obstacles that have been before me this semester I have succeeded.

I hope you enjoy watching my prezi ICTs for Integration not Isolation as much as I have enjoyed making it.

Head Down Tail Up – Assignment 1

I never thought that I would delve so deep into an assignment and use so many tools embedded in the one artifact. I have begun by selecting a reusable prezi template and then began modifying to suit my assignment plan and context. So far I’ve used and embedded iPhoto on my macbook to video an introduction, Powerpoint diagrams converted to pictures to illustrate educational goals, Goanimate to illustrate supporting evidence and youtube as a vehicle for uploading video. Its exhausting just listing them out and I’m not yet finished. I wonder what other tools I can come up with to add diversity and interest to my presentation.

Assignment 1 – Prezi

Assignment 1 is coming along nicely. Yes it seems a little late to be blogging about this a week after the due date however due to circumstances beyond my control an extension will see me through for a bit longer. I was sitting at my sons bedside in hospital when I made the comment that I liked all of the posters and information stuck up on the walls, it was all quite informative. Lightbulb moment! I could make an infographic for assignment 1. So I began researching how to reduce an essay of information into an infographic.

After reading others thoughts on their chosen tool for an ICT artifact I began to overcomplicate the requirements of the task (a bad habbit that I’m good at) and infographic was scrapped. After reading a post by Sheli Smith I’m convinced that a prezi is the way to go.

Full steam ahead now…