Exploring ICT using 3D pop up books for Literacy

A tutorial activity for my ICT course asked me to explore examples and insights around the  use of ICTs and pedagogy. Working through 150 examples of Decoding in Learning I discovered a digital storytelling application called ZooBurst that allows students to create 3D pop up books. I can see how this would integrate into a Literacy classroom and am keen to give it a try. It is also available as a free app from the itunes app store.

3 thoughts on “Exploring ICT using 3D pop up books for Literacy

  1. Hi Jennifer,
    This looks fabulous! It gave me a great idea to use to write social stories for young children which can relate to whatever issue we are having ie a story about not hurting (hitting, smacking) friends would be one for this week. Thanks so much for this,

  2. Hi Jennifer, this looks like a great platform for the classroom to get students engaged in literacy. I can definitely so a lot of potential for this in the classroom. I have seen and used a few story book makers such as my story book maker for kids and sock puppet but have not come across a 3d pop up one before so i will be trying this myself and also letting my daughter have a play around with it as well . Thank for the link.
    Miss kyra

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