Lego Robotics – MINDSTORMS NXT count me in!!

A few years ago my son received a lego MINDSTORMS NXT set from Santa. It has given us hours of fun with ICT using science and mathematics concepts to make and program robots. When we were living on the Gold Coast my children attended Pacific Pines Primary School and during our time there the lego robotics group won the QLD championships and had to travel to Perth, WA for the Australian championships. Sadly we have since moved away and the schools we’ve attended don’t have such groups.

In my current teaching context there are so many students that aren’t into football, soccer and any other physically exerting sport, however they are very interested in computers, science, ICT and spend a lot of time gaming. I only wish that more schools were able to provide a club such as lego robotics for these kids to extend and develop their minds.

My goal as a teacher is to raise funds in conjuction with the P&C committee and student council within my school community and set up a lego robotics club. I have searched around for information about lego robotic in Australian Schools and found a group called Robotics Club Australia which is based in Sydney and run weekly and holiday workshops for students in their area through The website says that other locations including Brisbane in Qld will be opening up soon. I would very much also like to attend some PD to become a certified practitioner of lego robotics to let my inner child run wild with the kids.

Looking forward to finding more about this in the future.


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